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  • Monday, July 18, 2005

    In Depth

    MACD has been one of my strongest indicators as of late. I mainly use it for determining trend. The standard for the MACD moving averages is 12/26 with 9 as a signal smoothing average. I like to use 15/26 with 7 as a signal smoothing, but I only watch the 15(fast) line for trend. The other is hidden(or made white on a white background), because I feel no real need to watch it. Stochastics is where I will look for crossovers . I'm just looking for trend to develop preferably in sync on my intraday charts.Those being 5 minute, 13 minute, and 60 minute. A common trade I have seen is one charts' MACD may be just starting to turn up/down while the other two are already in the same trend. This is where I will look for big orders accumulating on one side or the other. This is not the only indicator I base a trade on, but it is an important, and thus far, reliable tool to back up my reasons for taking a trade.


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