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  • Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    Small gains add up

    Have taken several smaller trades today.
    NEW had pretty consistent selling off the reaction of a 50 dma break.
    WLT offered 1 or 2 small trades on the short side also. I will continue to watch the 44.55 level for a possible move down to 44.11. Backing off for now as I feel I am pressing the short side, and as lunch time approaches.
    S&P futures seem to be holding the 1232.50 level for now.
    Trades were all on the short side.
    WLT never transpired a short, no entry taken. Missed the up move,not chasing anything here.
    3:04 - FMD looks like an interesting long, if it can trade above 34.67
    3:20 - WLT small trade long taken at 45.32 sold half at 45.40 and half at 45.70
    Looks like I took WLT anyway, large size entered the nyse book moving it up.


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