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  • Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    Trade Ideas : Stock Scanner/Watchlist

    I have a new (affiliate) link for a 7 day free trial to Trade-Ideas.Be sure to sign up by way of the link.For the readers who have never seen or heard of Trade-Ideas let me explain. Trade-Ideas offers a stock scanner that sifts the entire market for opportunities throughout the trading day,in real time.There are two versions available for the scanner,either through a browser window that continuously refreshes or via Trade-Ideas Pro which is a downloadable version. I personally prefer the downloadable version because of the ease of use,extra screen space,and the price remains the same, unlike many other vendor upgrades.There is also a sharing function in the Pro version that is very cool if your involved in swapping scans with other traders.

    To find stocks to trade in real time throughout the day,you can either use the preset scans,and still make any changes that apply to your own trading criteria, or you can make your own scan definations choosing from the scans they have available,and change a variety of criteria,ie: Min/Max Volume,Min/Max Price,Min/Max Gap Up/Gap Down etc...

    One of my scans for shorts on the NYSE.
    You can go to the link and choose configure in the menu to view all the different settings.This scan is set for minimal criteria, and I have also added a list of the NYSE Pilot stocks(shortable on downticks).You probably won't be able to see the list,but if you need it go here.

    I started with the free trial,and got hooked immediately.I am still in the process of playing around with the settings,but for the price it has been totally worth it,and it's payed for itself 10 times over.I will try and write about some of the settings in a later post. Do keep in mind that no scanner will make you money unless you still apply your own rules of trading.It simply offers a greater chance of opportunity so the trader can focus on the task at hand.

    I originally found this scanner through TraderMike,he had been using the sample scan through his daily Watchlist section.He is offering a two week free trial, so if your interested by all means hop over there and give yourself an extra week of tweaking the scanner.If you've already decided sign up here and get started.


    At 7:09 AM, Anonymous The Doji Trader said...

    Heya, I only just realised you left a comment on my blog about Trade-Ideas... At the moment I am swing trading as my account size is too small to day trade, although I think I should have enough to give day trading shot in a few months. I might try configuring Trade-Ideas to give me longer term signals for now. If you can send me your config for day trading that would be great, it will at least give me a better idea on how a day trader would use it.

    Thanks for the comment btw.

    At 1:12 AM, Blogger txtrader said...

    Yeah sure,no problem,let me know when you start daytrading.
    So do you work for Bear Stearns?;-)

    At 2:58 AM, Anonymous The Doji Trader said...

    Haha no, far from it... check out my about section on my blog.

    At 1:07 PM, Blogger txtrader said...

    Sorry, I had just noticed someone from bear stearns on the site a few times,thought it was you ,my bad. :-) Wouldn't want to give away all my secrets to the enemy,you know. :-) Just let me know when you start daytrading,I'll be happy to share some of my intraday scans with you,and good luck.


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