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  • Thursday, August 11, 2005


    Watch NEW here we could break the 42.50 level and take a shot at yesterday's low of 42.02. Wait for confirmation (Large orders coming down and good size prints on the bid). We might just bounce off it if it does not go thru that.This stock has kind of been consolidating today,so be careful and be patient.

    12:48:00 There is a large TRIM at 42.50 along with large nyse limit order so if you short wait for some to be taken out first. At the same time there is a large order at 42.60, so if that gets taken out first we could bounce, well it just got hit as I write.I don't expect much of a move though.

    12:54:00 This things trading very erratically right now, best to leave it alone for now.


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