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  • Monday, August 08, 2005


    CI gaining some offers now with specialist
    13:33:54 CI short at 109.86 current

    13:36:35 Just covered some at 109.67

    Specialist at 109.75 now ,he leaves I leave
    Looking kind of thin here

    Specialist gone for now
    13:47:30 covered remaining at 109.76

    Well it was a good call but I let go of that to soon,my amount of risk was widening and the specialist appeared to be gone.
    Great entry bad exit, although I still profited, I did not capitalize.
    CI just printed 109.21, gotta love when that happens,arrrgh.
    In my previous post I said CI had a gap to fill at 109.18, this is a time when I hate being right.I'll have to disect this trade later and see where I went wrong.Although I have to follow my rules, and they will keep me out of good trades from time to time,they also keep me out of the bad trades.


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