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  • Thursday, August 18, 2005

    Technical Problems

    Wow, what a day,I've been having some technical issues with the systems here at the home office.I apoligize for the lack of posts today.One nice thing about trading at an office is the technical support that's usually provided,but I'll still take trading at the home office over that.Just waiting on the tech to come out now.It amazes me how some of these providers get away with the over the phone "tech support" that they offer,I'd love to mention there name but I won't.Some of these people just have no clue,like there reading from a script or something,well that's the "advantage" of outsourcing isn't it! If you couldn't tell I'm a little ticked that I have to spend my day waiting on someone instead of trading. :-) Trying to stay positive though.Good trading to everyone,I'm on a mini vacation for now I guess.


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