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  • Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Trade-Ideas Free Trial Update

    Trade-Ideas is now offering an extension of the standard 7 day free trial. My readers can now enjoy the extended 14 Day Free Trial and take advantage of the extra time to really get to know the product and it's many features.Be sure to sign up via my affiliate link.I'm using it on a daily basis now for my own trading and have to say it's the best product I've come across yet. I have used Realtick's Oz Scanner and also a product called Whisper, and I have to say that Trade-Ideas has nailed it on offering a user friendly real time scanner that can be adapted to suit a full-time traders needs.Unlike the predefined scans that some products out there only offer you can really configure the settings here with Trade-Ideas and set filters to fit your own trading criteria.Check it out Now!What are you waiting for?


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