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  • Sunday, September 11, 2005

    Trading Links

    TraderMike has some great informational material on his site today.Definately worth taking a look at, and some references of other ways to use the Trade-Ideas scans compliments of the team there and also Brett N. Steenbarger, PH.D.

    I've yet to read everything out there, but it seems to me that this market delta stuff is basically just the same idea as a daily volume overlay that can be done through if you set the configurations for it.Don't quote me on that, as I have not read the article in it's entirety yet.If I have any more opinions on this afterward I will post later.Just wanted to make the information available to my readers asap. I do read the nyse open book for depth, so this could be valuable to my style of trading or anyone following my style on an intraday basis.I do also look for block trades myself and am considering implementing the filters that trade-ideas has offered for watching block trades.Considering I only like to watch a couple of stocks at once,this may bring about some more trading opportunities for me throughout the day.


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