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  • Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    Suggestions For This Blog

    I have been adding a couple of things to the blog lately.If anyone has any suggestions,please feel free to comment.I would like to hear your input good or bad.I realize the site can get a little cluttered with too much,but until I can get one of those invites from it remains on blogger and I can only do so much with that.Unfortunately I had an invite that expired on me when I was out of town for the Hurricane.

    Quick Review of the day.
    I hope everyone had a good trading day.I've been increasing my size these last few days and am adjusting to it,although I gave a little back in A today. I made a few more trades in RIO and had a decent day overall.Word of advice, if a stock isn't making you money and just running up shares/commisions,then leave it alone and focus on the ones that are making money.Me and old A had a little duke it out session in the afternoon,and well of course A won.RIO got me back on track though.Looks like the market just keeps dropping steadily,has not really been a large capitulation yet.


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