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  • Friday, October 07, 2005

    Trade Reviews 10/07/05

    Had a few more trades today even though there was no real direction in the market today.The S&P hovered around the 1196 to 1201 area throughout most of the trading day.There were some good scalping opportunities still out there,you just had to keep it very tight and use a little caution.I had the two shorts in NEW early on then a long later in the day and A finally had some movement with a couple of good scalping opportunities.NEW had some really good volume today,looked like some big players may have been re-positioning themselves at this critical level.Next week should be interesting.Again I waited for volume to prove itself in both stocks,although A was a little light it still offered some good trading.This week went well with my new focus on stocks trading at or above there average daily volume.The trade-ideas scanner is also working well at alerting me of opportunities in stocks with my volume criteria.As I stated in a previous post I am trading a few different stocks now,but at the same time I will not completely throw out my regulars.I just keep them on the back burner until they start trading well again and still keep them on my radar.An example of that is NEW,I had been trading that quite frequently and layed off it for a while,but I still watch it.There is one I have set aside for now,that is WLT,it's just to hard to determine your exit in so I most likely will not trade it anymore unless it's characteristics change.Good trading!


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