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  • Thursday, October 06, 2005

    Trade Reviews 10/06/05

    Just a small review of why I took the trades I did today.I traded A,YUM,and STJ.A has been trading well and is on the nyse pilot list therefore I can trade it both ways,either long or short.I've had a very good read on it the last couple of days,and it has been trading at or above it's average daily volume.It does trade a little higher volume than what I'm used to,but that seems to be working for me now and you have to adapt to what works and throw out what does not,or set it aside until it does work again.The markets are constantly changing and so must a trader change accordingly.YUM popped up on the Trade-Ideas scanner and was sitting at a key intraday support level,also trading at or above average daily volume.STJ was taken as a short after I noticed ZMH pop up on the Trade-Ideas scanner,STJ is in the same industry as ZMH so I watched for a move in sympathy.It was also trading at or above it's average daily volume.A good strategy is to keep either a qoute box or mental memory of a few stocks that trade in the same industry watching the leaders for clues on direction.


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