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  • Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Wednesday Trading 9/14/05

    Wow,what a choppy day,that's really all I can say.My trading has just been terrible today,trying to take what just isn't there and a loss of discipline.I was down,then up,then flat,then down,and well now close enough to flat that I just want to stop for the day.Got shaken out of a really good short in GLW only to get +.01,then watch it trade down to my suspected target of 20.82,I was short at 20.98,arghhhh!I did manage to catch NEW short at 43.00 and cover at 42.85 for a +.15 winner,only to watch it go and print down to 42.55. There some really crazy moves going on today,and I may just sit out for a while until conditions improve,I wouldn't mind a nice move down as I tend to favor the short side.Good trading to everyone and good luck in this option expirations week.


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