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  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Thursday Trading 10/13/05

    I had quite a few trades today so I won't be listing them all.I shorted PII this morning at 44.21 and covered at 43.89 and 43.83 for a +.32,+.38 winner.I then went long at 44.60 and sold at 44.75 for a +.15 winner.Next was NEW long at 33.25 sold at 33.44 for a +.19 winner.Had a small loss going long in RIO for -.03, then I went long at 39.06 and sold at 39.20 and 39.25 for a +.14,+.19 winner. Long RIO at 38.57 sold at 38.75 for a +.18 winner,then short at 38.50 covered at 38.38 and 38.36 for a +.12,+.14 winner.A(agilent) caught me again today short at 30.40 covered at 30.41 and 30.50 for a -.01,-.10 loser(yeah that one pissed me off).I won't be trading A anymore,officially.Smack me if I post anything about A anymore,terrible fills on that thing now.To wrap it up I had a good day all in all,there were a few more trades here and there,just small scalps.Looks like the bulls tried to make a run at it in the late afternoon.Again unless they trade the SPZ5 above 1185 I would not expect much.


    At 12:11 AM, Blogger Prathap said...

    Hi txtrader,
    I really admire your consistency in making scalps and cutting losses so quickly. I think I still need to sharpen my saw in that area. Actually I need to make a saw first. :)
    I also sometimes trade two or three stocks simultaneously. And I think I get confused and convert some winners to losers. I have to stop my temptation I guess.

    have fun,

    At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Steven Gabriel said...

    I am not a scalper...but this is a great trading blog. You really show how you take profits. Sometimes this is difficult for all of us especially if you don't have predefined rules.

    At 9:17 AM, Blogger txtrader said...

    Thanks for the compliments.Yeah Prathap its all about keeping the losers small and being consistent,just takes time. Welcome to the blog Steven. :-)


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