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  • Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Tuesday Trading 10/18/05

    Looks like the bulls ran out of steam or maybe they're just full of it.(just a joke)The S&P futures broke through the 1189 level to trade down to 1181.70... Not the kind of action the bulls would like to see.

    Today's Trades

    NEW short 32.91 covered at 32.60 +.31
    HIB long 28.78 sold 28.75 -.03 (that's what I get for trying to play long)
    HCA short 49.24 covered at 49.15,49.17 +.09,+.07
    NEW short 32.37 covered at 32.11,32.16 +.26,+.21(that's more like it)
    ASD short 36.52 covered at 36.40 +.12 (terrible exit,traded down to 36.02 with huge orders chasing down,very frustrating to let that one go)

    I'd be very surprised to see anyone trying to step into this down move in the next few days.But then again the market is always full of surprises.A good shot above 1189 in the S&P futures again would get this thing back up,otherwise I'm looking for another continuation down a little further. Good Trading all!


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