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  • Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Finding a Trading Coach

    The other day a reader asked me about coaching and my reply became quite long so I thought I would just make it a post for some additional reading.I've added a couple of points to the original reply.

    Here is my reply:

    As far as training/seminars I personally think there a waste unless they are actually hands on.Keep in mind I don't know your background,but my suggestion to you would be find a trader that will let you sit and watch,or trade side by side with them for a length of time,two to four weeks at the least.If it's a certain "style" your looking for ask yourself what fits your personality,are you patient,impatient,laid back,or highstrung,and so on.What is your time frame, do you want to swing trade over several days/weeks,range trade intraday,or scalp intraday.Scalping is very hands on and may not be for everyone,but if your new to trading I highly recommend starting out as a scalper. Decide what style fits you best,find someone that trades that style "profitably".I trained in a room of about 20-25 traders and found out who the most profitable ones were and learned from them.My first couple of months involved one on one training, I highly recommend this route.


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